IEEE Project and its Technical Activities

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE is a technical professional association with more than 4000 members from different countries of the world.

Technical Activities

The mission of IEEE Technical Activities is to encourage the development and exchange of technological and scientific knowledge so as to benefit the members, their profession and the humanity at large. There are as many as 39 societies under it along with six technical councils, seven technical communities and the Technical Activity Board or TAB.

ieee project in chennai

IEEE has its project set in almost all the countries of the world and here in this article we would have a quick look at its Chennai, India section.

IEEE Projects Domain For The Year 2015

  • Cloud computing
  • Image processing
  • Data Mining
  • PHP projects
  • Mobile computing
  • Network security
  • Mat lab Projects
  • Parallel Distribution
  • Software Engineering
  • Networking
  • Civil Projects
  • Embedded Projects
  • MBA Projects
  • NS2 Projects
  • Mechanical Projects

MBA International, MBA marketing, MBA Finance Management, MBA HR Management and MBA system management falls under MBA for IEEE project in Chennai.

IEEE Project Centre

IEEE project centres are located in different locations in Chennai and you would be required to work from these centres. These centres handle a number of very interesting projects all around the year.

If you want be a part of any of the IEEE projects as student or a professional, then you would have to prove his or her competence in any of the field designated by IEEE and they are:

  • Engineering
  • Information and technology
  • Computer sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physical sciences
  • Biological and medical sciences
  • Education
  • Technical communications
  • Law and policy and
  • Management

IEEE offers a number of member grades to its members like student, associate, graduate student, fellow, member and senior member. There are other special categories as well. You can join a good training institute in order to ensure you have a good performance.


Let Your Career Soar inthe World of Telecommunication with a Certified IEEE Degree

Telecommunications has made its presence felt in every part of life including business, defence, health, banking and even space. Telecommunication engineering, which was once considered as distant diploma engineering course, has been recognized as a main engineering degree.

ieee project in chennai

IEEE or better known as Institute Of Institutes Of Electrical And Electronic Engineers is an institute that consists of people from all walks of life, including scientist, students and engineers who specialize in setting standards for various types of electronic and computer related objects.  Technical experts from different parts of the world meet at IEEE conferences and decide the standards according to consensus and fair practices

IEEE is not a typical government body; instead it is a club, where people from all different parts of the world gather to review the industry standards. IEEE provides a wide range of career opportunities in the research and the technology domain. There are various IEEE project training centres where the knowledge and skill of a professional is enhanced by means of advanced training techniques.

IEEE training is available online and through their distance learning programmes, an individual can get the relevant knowledge and sit for an exam. All the relevant and books required are available in the Web library, along with a complete set of tutorials. A student can use the e-library to enhance his range of knowledge and save both time and money.

Most of the people who opt for IEEE projects in Chennai find good placement in different project requiring experts from the wireless technological industry. A lot of organisations invest heavily in this domain so that they can create a pool of work force, who can understand the next generation wireless technology. With the passage of time, we can only hope that the demand for telecommunication engineers and relevant certifications from IEEE will become more and more valuable as an educational certificate.