How to excel in GATE exams?

GATE denotes Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering which is an All-India examination conducted by IIT and IIS. It is an exam conducted to test the comprehensive understanding of the varied UG subjects. As all others this exam too need well understanding of the subject and good preparation too to get good rank in the exam. The main thing experienced tutors and other GATE aspirants stress are the proper plan for study. In India, Hyderabad is the main area where there are many GATE coaching centres that are located in the heart of the city itself.


Look into these tips to excel yourself for your coming up GATE exams.

  1. Know your subject well and understand the latest detailed syllabus for study
  2. Collect study materials for each syllabus
  3. Prepare thoroughly on all topics: Go through each topic in your syllabus. Don’t leave any small topic as GATE exams require detailed knowledge of each and every topic but sometimes a brief knowledge on some can even help you. As there are cut marks be cautious to write on what you know well.
  4. Collect previous years question papers
  5. Make strict timetable and make sure you refer each and every topic in detail
  6. Keep in contact an expert in the subjects so as to refer in time of doubts
  7. Do make clear with difficult topics; find time to revise those areas.
  8. Try solving maximum number of problems in the subject of study.
  9. Expertise first on subjects that is more scoring for you.

The exam itself becomes competitive for the aspirants as many prefer to pursue their M Tech from top level institutes like IIT need high percentile, which can be attained only on thorough study, which can be achieved in 3 to 4 months. Pursue your GATE coaching in Hyderabad where there are many reputed centres. Go for the one which has good academic records in previous years.

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Desire to Own a Parlour? Gets Beautician Training!


The courses identified with the study and utilization of various types of health and beauty treatments are ordinarily called beautician courses. The course is also known as Cosmetology. This has got a few specific branches, the names of some of which are as per the following:

  • Make-up
  • Electrology
  • Hair colouring and styling
  • Pedicures and manicures
  • Skin treatment

The different courses on beautician job training basically concentrates on hairstyling, and other assorted segments of beauty solutions like, nail treatment, facial and many more. Be that as it may, their fundamental centre territory incorporates hands, feet and face of a human body. These courses help somebody in picking up inside and out learning about this field, which thus helps him or her in turning into a dependable beautician. In the wake of finishing their preparation in cosmetology, an applicant can either fill in as a beautician in any magnificence salon or set up their own particular salon and help individuals look lovely.

Cosmetology has dependably been a decent profession alternative to individuals, who have got a sound tasteful sense. In the course of the last 6 to 8 years, the excellence business of the Indian Republic has seen a fast extension. The country houses numerous establishments, which offer shifted beautician courses, which extend from authentication to confirmation courses. The length of time of such courses rely on upon the way of the course and in this manner, range from weeks to months that generally incorporates a time of temporary job also. This helps one in getting work experience about the same. Post increasing such experience, the beauticians, working in different magnificence salons of the Republic of India seek after extra courses that help one to exceed expectations in any of the specific fields of this area.

The candidates, who look for courses in any of the establishments of beautician training in Hyderabad or anywhere else in India, needs to show up for the confirmation tests directed by those organizations. A standout amongst the most essential examinations in the field of Cosmetology in India is CIDESCO (Comite International d’Esthetiques et de Cosmetology) examination, which is directed consistently by the Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology, the Indian branch of the CIDESCO, International. They are even known for directing the ABTC accreditation examination, qualifying in which implies that the concerned skin advisor has effectively finished the whole syllabus of the beautician training.

Hope the information provided above is enough for those seeking open their own boutique parlour in Hyderabad. So, get the certification and open your own parlour!

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Brief Knowhow and Tips For Sure Success in TOEFL examination

To almost everyone, TOEFL is one of the most brain storming and difficult tests of your life! Your long cherished dream of studying in an English speaking university can be fulfilled if you follow the following strategies to win over the TOEFL marks.

toefl coaching hyderabad

What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language – this is the full form of TOEFL. This test is taken to check the English proficiency and is conducted by an American company called ETS. The parameters that are taken into consideration in TOEFL are English reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. If you have the capability to get through these parameters you are eligible to study in any English-speaking university.

Structure of TOEFL – Each section carries 30 marks questions and the total score is 120. There is no pass or fail strategies in TOEFL but your specific score will decide which university allows you for admission. When you will be studying for TOEFL examination, make sure you know the score structure very well and tally it with the preferred university requirement. For instance, some universities mandate to have 24 out of 30, in speaking category alone.

There are plenty TOEFL training institutes all across the nation and you need to choose the best one that helps you with an extensive resource system. Here are some tips to grab high scores in TOEFL –

  • Give enough time and concentration – TOEFL preparation along with job or anything else is not a good idea. You need minimum 6 months to 1 year hard core labour to prepare for this exam.
  • Be prompt and well versed – When you are about to give the test, nothing should come as surprise to you! Be well versed about the reading and writing questions, even the listening and speaking tasks require immense practice. You should know the exact answers and also the exact scores that are needed in each of the categories. The test is very much time bound; thus you will not get eke a second for thinking elaborately.
  • Do not depend on textbooks solely – Following textbooks is fine but it won’t help you to learn the speaking, listening and writing skills. Either take a course or work with a teacher in association to excel in the speaking and writing sections. TOEFL coaching in Hyderabad is highly recommended as most of the students have shown commendable scores from that city.

Join one of the best institutes to increase your chances of getting success in this exam.

Apart from the above points, make sure you talk to the students who have already appeared for this test and can give you the best practical tips.

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Important Facts about GATE 2016

I run one of the reputed GATE coaching institutes in Hyderabad and come across a large number of students on daily basis. These students belong to different backgrounds and have different level of caliber. I see them struggling hard to somehow crack GATE 2015 in hope of getting admitted to one of the best professional college in the country. So if you are also a GATE aspirant then here are a few things that I think you must know before filling your application form.

gate coaching institutes in hyderabad

  • If you have graduated from an engineering college that is just average rated, then here is your chance to prove yourself. Prepare well fir the exam by opting for GATE coaching classes and let the world know your real worth.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is that GATE is pretty different from CAT. In CAT, your previous performance, academic as well as non- academic plays a vital role. But this is not the case when it comes to GATE. This is your chance to compete without any previous baggage. This is a single exam and the marks you score in it, mark your worth. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to beat candidates from top colleges such as NITs and IITs with your focus and effort.
  • Don’t allow people to affect your focus. Try your best even if people around you do not support you. If you think GATE is your destination, then you can do it with proper guidance and assistance which is offered at reputed GATE coaching institutes.
  • The best part about joining coaching classes is that they firmly believe in your goal and make best possible effort to help you in achieving the same. They will guide you at every step, right from the selection of books to the attempting of question paper.

All You Need To Know About GATE Exam

If you are a GATE aspirant then this post is simply meant for you. Here I plan to throw some light on this entrance exam which is one of the best ways for engineering students to enhance their career growth. But before you actually start preparing for this exam, here are a few points that you must known about.


  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering also referred to as GATE is conducted by Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of Science either in the month of February or March.
  • Proper preparation for the exam involves about 5-6 months and it is recommended to seek the help of one of the best GATE institutes for succeeding in the exam. You reduce your chances of clearing the test by appearing for the exam without proper preparation.
  • Institutes that offer GATE coaching in Hyderabad help the students by guiding them in the proper manner. Thus these students stand a better chance of getting admitted to highly reputed colleges like IISC, NOT and IIT for pursuing their Masters degree. These coaching centers also help the students that plan to get associated with government undertakings with a science and technology background.
  • One of the best parts about this entrance exam is that any candidate irrespective of his/her academic performance or the institute from which he/she graduated can appear for GATE. With this exam one can fulfill his/her dream of doing post graduation or PhD from a highly prestigious college.
  • This is one of the most prestigious exams in India and it allows engineering graduates to build a brilliant career.
  • It is important to know that considerably huge amount of candidates appear for this exam and statistics show that only a few manage to clear it and grab from the limited number of seats. Hence it is vital to prepare for this exam in a proper manner.