How to excel in GATE exams?

GATE denotes Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering which is an All-India examination conducted by IIT and IIS. It is an exam conducted to test the comprehensive understanding of the varied UG subjects. As all others this exam too need well understanding of the subject and good preparation too to get good rank in the exam. The main thing experienced tutors and other GATE aspirants stress are the proper plan for study. In India, Hyderabad is the main area where there are many GATE coaching centres that are located in the heart of the city itself.


Look into these tips to excel yourself for your coming up GATE exams.

  1. Know your subject well and understand the latest detailed syllabus for study
  2. Collect study materials for each syllabus
  3. Prepare thoroughly on all topics: Go through each topic in your syllabus. Don’t leave any small topic as GATE exams require detailed knowledge of each and every topic but sometimes a brief knowledge on some can even help you. As there are cut marks be cautious to write on what you know well.
  4. Collect previous years question papers
  5. Make strict timetable and make sure you refer each and every topic in detail
  6. Keep in contact an expert in the subjects so as to refer in time of doubts
  7. Do make clear with difficult topics; find time to revise those areas.
  8. Try solving maximum number of problems in the subject of study.
  9. Expertise first on subjects that is more scoring for you.

The exam itself becomes competitive for the aspirants as many prefer to pursue their M Tech from top level institutes like IIT need high percentile, which can be attained only on thorough study, which can be achieved in 3 to 4 months. Pursue your GATE coaching in Hyderabad where there are many reputed centres. Go for the one which has good academic records in previous years.

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