Important facts about TOEFL exams

Students taking TOEFL exams with an aim to continue their study in foreign universities often end up making silly mistakes. These mistakes can be avoided if you know the proper study guide for TOEFL exams. Most of the study guides that are available online are not competitive. So, narrow down a TOEFL coaching centre in your area and prepare accordingly.


Most of these coaching centres will break down the pros and cons of taking TOEFL exams. They also figuratively help you with the secrets to quality TOEFL. It is important that we concentrate on them and practise well to clear the exam in the first attempt. Noida is considered as students’ hub and it is easy to choose from several coaching centres that are available.

Some important facts about TOEFL exams:

  1. Even if you fail in the exam in the first attempt, you can take the exam any number of times till you clear. But, you should take the next exam only after a 12 day gap.
  2. In TOEFL exams, this mock test will give you tips on time management. Paraphrase the sentences rather than concentrating on each word. The more you practise on your computer, the more comfortable you feel during the exam.
  3. While taking the speaking exam, practise reading the newspaper aloud at home. Summarise the article and express your opinion in one minute. This will help you get used to the happenings around the world and you need not think hard to know what the issue is about.
  4. To improve on your writing skills, watch and summarise the episode of your favourite show and let someone read it aloud.
  5. TOEFL exam in India costs 170 dollars.

Some of the famous coaching centres in Noida are Achievers Point, Study Smart, NAm Institute of Professional Studies, Essence Point and Bijoys Mercantile Pvt Ltd. An exam-taker can take the help of these institutes and gain utmost experience.

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