What are the qualities of a good fashion designer?

The fashion business is exploding minute by minute. It seems everyone is in a competitive spirit in order to imprint their name with the top level designers. It is always a dream come true for those who wish to be at the heights of their role models: world’s most promising designers. Here are few listed qualities that you will need to succeed as a designer.


To be successful in your field of fashion designing you should excel yourself in

  • Exclusive business skill
  • Excellent Communication skill
  • Sense of Competition
  • Updated knowledge on trending fashions
  • Strong creative skill
  • Strong drawing skills
  • Good technical knowledge
  • Strong stitching Skills
  • An excellent team player

The normal activities of work involved are:

  • Have a brief on the design to be built
  • Analyse and predict on trending colours and type of fabrics
  • Always set up an environment which can tickle your creative end. Be like analysing and capturing photos on range of colours and fabrics
  • Get rough patterns in blocks in order to input into the creative end.
  • When the sample for a new fabric and design is made give proper supervision
  • Estimate the cost: for both materials and manufacturers
  • Keep in hand a reliable supplier.
  • Present your design in-house to convince with finance and merchandisers
  • Your field of work will be closely related to specialists so keep monitoring on whether the things are getting done accurately.

What so ever is your talent in designing creating a good portfolio of your sketches can help you succeed in the industry. In order what you have to also do is to become an experienced candidate in all the desired fields like department head, chief designer or creative head etc. The only way to gain extensive knowledge is to get properly trained from the fashion designing job training institutes. There are some good institutes for fashion designing training in Pune where you can get expertized by the teachings from expert scholars.

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