Making a good look: Does that really matter?

Is it really important to look good? This has been a common topic of debate many takeover. Many contradict on the fact that personality is more important than a good look. But on real note, the one that impress at the first go is good look. It is obvious as his/her personality is the one that takes his relationship to a long run; but one can impress by his personality only when there are time to spend together. In the current society were people meet online through social media and end up in relationship merely based on looks. The only thing is that a bad personality can degrade the good look of a person whatsoever beautiful or good looking he/she is.


This is how most of them fall in love- just on matter of appearance and after marriage the relation has no life due to failure in the development of a good relationship. But those love marriages with proper partner understanding really have a valued relationship.

Looking good is one’s physical appearance and one has to dress up well for looking good which is really an art. One has to keenly understand what fitting looks good for them. Even though walking into beauty parlours was not that common during olden days, its quiet common nowadays. Now each and every one irrespective of their gender is really bothered on their look out and it happens with the change in the society and people around. That too in city like Mumbai there are many beauty salons in every nook and corner. Some may look really good with a complete makeover. Moreover nowadays no party or marriage function occurs with the absence of a beautician. This itself indicate how important is looking good in front of a gathering or group of people.

So in city like Mumbai opening up a parlour these days is a good sort of business. And anyone can do this if he/she can understand the way of business and to take over things well. Those who are keenly interested can take up some beautician job training in Mumbai from the experienced and this can help you take up a job yourself. You can find out some popular business listings for beautician training in Mumbai from

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