Tips to Enhance Listening Skills for TOEFL

-Listening is an important component of TOEFL and with some hard work and smart exercises; it is possible to improve one’s skills here. It is very helpful if you


  • Attend academic classes in English.
  • Keep recording lectures or presentations and replay them several times to understand the accent
  • Get acquainted with the organization or structure of academic lecture
  • Concentrate carefully about the purpose of the lecture
  • Get into the habit of taking down notes while you listen to a lecture

Apart from the five cardinal points above, if you follow some tips and keep them in mind, you will surely improve your TOEFL scores.

General Listening

  • Try and identify the international rhythm, especially of important words and sentences so that it is easier to understand what you hear.
  • You should also be able to spot and recognize the sounds in English and differentiate between distinct but different sounds like “d” and “t”, “b” and “v” etc.
  • When you learn to be more attentive during lectures, then you are able to take notes quicker and keep pace with what you hear.

Test Taking Skills

  • Effective notes taking is important which means to know how to include the important information and ignore the rest in proper pace.
  • Managing time as you go on answering questions and be aware of the time to be allotted per question.
  • Familiarise yourself with all kinds of TOEFL tracks so that if some lectures involve student participation, you will have to follow varied approaches.
  • Learn how to answer the diverse types of audio questions and strategize how to answer them as per requirements.

Practice make perfect. So listening to transcript English speeches, taking help from TOEFL training institutes for more material will surely help. Talk more and more to native speakers and log onto the official TOEFL website for practicing listening exercises.

TOEFL coaching Delhi is one of the best in the country and should be taken advantage of if you are in the vicinity.

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