How to Improve TOEFL Writing Skills?

Writing might not be really rewarding when you are tracking progress, since it cannot be reviewed as distinctly as listening and reading can be. But with some guidelines, this skill can be improved upon too. A lot of centres for TOEFL Coaching in Mumbai can help you improve your TOEFL score with writing training.


Read Well Written Essays

In the ETS official guide, there is a list of sample essays written by other students with grades and the reason for the grade too. Your target is to improve scores in the writing section, so go through these essays and get a better feel of what TOEFL actually requires.

Practice Pre-Writing

Spending a few minutes to outline the essay before practice writing helps in better formation of words and the structure improves too. You could just pick a topic at random and jot down some points about it. Keep repeating this practice each time to be better than before.

Instead of writing the complete essay, jump on to the next topic and make outlines there too. In this way, you can cover a lot many topics. You can even take existing complete essays and create an outline on them and compare yours with the existing ones to give yourself a rating.

Learn to Summarize

When you are exposed to some reading of your interest or may be listening to native speakers in podcasts, lectures and documentaries try and summarise in your own words of what you have understood. If you have a computer handy, spend little time to do this exercise. You could either write it down or speak about what you read or heard. In fact if you can do both, you are actually practicing a couple of TOEFL skills at the same time.

You Don’t Actually Need a Tutor to Improve Your Writing

If you have an access to TOEFL training institutes, its all the more better for your writings to get graded and check on the improvement. But in case you don’t, then you can do a language swap with a native speaker and help each other out on tracking progress.

So you can try and follow the above guidelines or register yourself with one of training institutes for TOEFL, which is reputed in your vicinity.

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