How to Improve TOEFL Writing Skills?

Writing might not be really rewarding when you are tracking progress, since it cannot be reviewed as distinctly as listening and reading can be. But with some guidelines, this skill can be improved upon too. A lot of centres for TOEFL Coaching in Mumbai can help you improve your TOEFL score with writing training.


Read Well Written Essays

In the ETS official guide, there is a list of sample essays written by other students with grades and the reason for the grade too. Your target is to improve scores in the writing section, so go through these essays and get a better feel of what TOEFL actually requires.

Practice Pre-Writing

Spending a few minutes to outline the essay before practice writing helps in better formation of words and the structure improves too. You could just pick a topic at random and jot down some points about it. Keep repeating this practice each time to be better than before.

Instead of writing the complete essay, jump on to the next topic and make outlines there too. In this way, you can cover a lot many topics. You can even take existing complete essays and create an outline on them and compare yours with the existing ones to give yourself a rating.

Learn to Summarize

When you are exposed to some reading of your interest or may be listening to native speakers in podcasts, lectures and documentaries try and summarise in your own words of what you have understood. If you have a computer handy, spend little time to do this exercise. You could either write it down or speak about what you read or heard. In fact if you can do both, you are actually practicing a couple of TOEFL skills at the same time.

You Don’t Actually Need a Tutor to Improve Your Writing

If you have an access to TOEFL training institutes, its all the more better for your writings to get graded and check on the improvement. But in case you don’t, then you can do a language swap with a native speaker and help each other out on tracking progress.

So you can try and follow the above guidelines or register yourself with one of training institutes for TOEFL, which is reputed in your vicinity.

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Tips to Enhance Listening Skills for TOEFL

-Listening is an important component of TOEFL and with some hard work and smart exercises; it is possible to improve one’s skills here. It is very helpful if you


  • Attend academic classes in English.
  • Keep recording lectures or presentations and replay them several times to understand the accent
  • Get acquainted with the organization or structure of academic lecture
  • Concentrate carefully about the purpose of the lecture
  • Get into the habit of taking down notes while you listen to a lecture

Apart from the five cardinal points above, if you follow some tips and keep them in mind, you will surely improve your TOEFL scores.

General Listening

  • Try and identify the international rhythm, especially of important words and sentences so that it is easier to understand what you hear.
  • You should also be able to spot and recognize the sounds in English and differentiate between distinct but different sounds like “d” and “t”, “b” and “v” etc.
  • When you learn to be more attentive during lectures, then you are able to take notes quicker and keep pace with what you hear.

Test Taking Skills

  • Effective notes taking is important which means to know how to include the important information and ignore the rest in proper pace.
  • Managing time as you go on answering questions and be aware of the time to be allotted per question.
  • Familiarise yourself with all kinds of TOEFL tracks so that if some lectures involve student participation, you will have to follow varied approaches.
  • Learn how to answer the diverse types of audio questions and strategize how to answer them as per requirements.

Practice make perfect. So listening to transcript English speeches, taking help from TOEFL training institutes for more material will surely help. Talk more and more to native speakers and log onto the official TOEFL website for practicing listening exercises.

TOEFL coaching Delhi is one of the best in the country and should be taken advantage of if you are in the vicinity.

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IEEE Project and its Technical Activities

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or IEEE is a technical professional association with more than 4000 members from different countries of the world.

Technical Activities

The mission of IEEE Technical Activities is to encourage the development and exchange of technological and scientific knowledge so as to benefit the members, their profession and the humanity at large. There are as many as 39 societies under it along with six technical councils, seven technical communities and the Technical Activity Board or TAB.

ieee project in chennai

IEEE has its project set in almost all the countries of the world and here in this article we would have a quick look at its Chennai, India section.

IEEE Projects Domain For The Year 2015

  • Cloud computing
  • Image processing
  • Data Mining
  • PHP projects
  • Mobile computing
  • Network security
  • Mat lab Projects
  • Parallel Distribution
  • Software Engineering
  • Networking
  • Civil Projects
  • Embedded Projects
  • MBA Projects
  • NS2 Projects
  • Mechanical Projects

MBA International, MBA marketing, MBA Finance Management, MBA HR Management and MBA system management falls under MBA for IEEE project in Chennai.

IEEE Project Centre

IEEE project centres are located in different locations in Chennai and you would be required to work from these centres. These centres handle a number of very interesting projects all around the year.

If you want be a part of any of the IEEE projects as student or a professional, then you would have to prove his or her competence in any of the field designated by IEEE and they are:

  • Engineering
  • Information and technology
  • Computer sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physical sciences
  • Biological and medical sciences
  • Education
  • Technical communications
  • Law and policy and
  • Management

IEEE offers a number of member grades to its members like student, associate, graduate student, fellow, member and senior member. There are other special categories as well. You can join a good training institute in order to ensure you have a good performance.

Eligibility Criteria and Effective Tips for GATE Preparation

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is a competitive all-India exam that tests the aptitude of students in most undergraduate science and engineering subjects. It is conducted by the seven IITs or Indian Institute of Technology and IIS or Indian Institute of Science.

best gate coaching centre in chennai


  • You need to hold a bachelor’s degree in Architecture / Engineering / Technology and you can even apply if you in your final year.
  • Master’s degree in any branch of Mathematics / Science / Statistics / Computer Applications or equivalent is enough as well.
  • 4 – year integrated master’s degree program in Technology / Engineering students can apply in the second or higher year
  • 5 – year integrated Dual or Master’s degree program in Technology / Engineering students can apply in fourth or higher year
  • Holders of degrees equivalent to B. E. / B. Tech obtained by clearing examinations held by societies recognized by AICTE/UPSC

Tips from the Toppers

Joining a GATE coaching centre can always help you to stay ahead of the others. It is not easy to stay focused, mostly when you are in your final year of graduation or master degree program. According to toppers, the preparation for GATE exam should start 9 to 10 months prior to the date of the examination. If you are hard-working, you can surely crack GATE even in your final year.

During the initial months, you need to focus on your basic concepts as far as the GATE syllabus is concerned. When you have basics clear and strong understanding of concepts, you can practice to solve mock tests and sample papers for a good grip over question selection.

The last three months should be totally dedicated in giving mock tests. Joining the best GATE coaching centre in Chennai is important for Chennai based students trying for GATE. This would help you to test your competency and identify your weak areas.

During the last month, revise as much as possible and practice sample papers. Dedication, consistency and hard work would surely help you to crack GATE.

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Best Textbooks for TOEFL

TOEFL is an English language proficiency test that you need to pass for admission in certain foreign universities. Different universities expect scores that vary, so start preparing as soon as you take the decision. You can either buy books or get enrolled in good TOEFL training institutes.

toefl coaching faridabad

List of Best Books for TOEFL

The Official Guide to the New TOEFL       

This book is like the bible for all TOEFL aspirants.  The makers of this TOEFL test are publishers of this book therefore making it reliable and one of the best books in the market. It covers the four sections thoroughly and the basic type questions are clearly explained. There is a wide selection of example readings and essays and if the applicant goes through this book properly, he will do well. The real questions help to get a feel of what is expected out of him on the test day. The writer’s handbook at the end explains the Basics of English language.

Barron’s TOEFL IBT (Audio CDs and CD ROMs Too)

This book too familiarises you with the basics of the test covering the four sections. There are seven practice tests and certain guidelines too outlining the principle academic skills that are required to improve scores like synthesizing and note-taking. The CD ROMs and audio CDs gives you access to more model tests and video lessons too.

Speaking and Writing Strategies for TOEFL

This book mainly focuses on the speaking and writing sections by following a strategic approach called “argument mapping” and also contains instructions on the speaking and writing tasks. The rhetorical skills are explored through this book. There are ample discussions on how to minimise errors and improve scores.

Apart from the above, there are plenty of other books to help you out. You need to understand your weak area and work upon it. If you want a human guide to help you, there is ample scope for TOEFL coaching in Faridabad where you can enrol for more practice.

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List of Best Textbooks and Resources for TOEFL Preparation

TOEFL certificate and score sheets are essential for people trying for higher education overseas. For preparation, candidates need books and reading materials. Some of the best textbooks for students of different categories can be availed through TOEFL coaching Noida.toefl coaching noida

Coaching centres guide the students/candidates for choosing some of the best books for TOEFL preparation. Here is a list of some important books:

  • The Official Guide to the TOEFL of 2012, which is one of the best for the beginners. The book provides a thorough overview of the test and practices are provided through CDs.
  • Kaplan TOEFL IBT premier of 2014-15 provides best introduction to all the tests and is very qualitative.
  • Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL IBT breaks down as well as simplifies both writing and speaking processes in the test.

Text Books for Fine Tuning Skills

There are some text books that can fine-tune the skills of the candidates. Most quality TOEFL training institutes have them in their libraries.

  • Delta’s key to the TOEFL IBT: Advanced Skill Practice of 2011 focuses on the key areas of TOEFL test and includes 4 practice tests in CD.
  • Cracking the TOEFL IBT of 2014 is good for students advanced in English reading, writing, and speaking.

Text Books for Practice Tests

  • The Official TOEFL IBT Tests Collection of 2012 is one of the best for practice tests. It also contains 5 tests conducted by ETS.
  • Delta’s Key to the TOEFL IBT: Seven Practice Tests of 2013 provides realistic integrated tests for TOEFL.
  • Online courses at TestDen offer 4 tests with speaking as well as writing sections. Completion of these tests enables the students to get four more for practice.

When it comes to passing a test including TOEFL, books are the best companion for the candidates. Quality coaching centres in Noida offer good books and suggestions for refereeing the right resources for test preparation to aspirant candidates.

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How TOEFL Mark Allocation and Score Reports Work?

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is indispensable for people seeking academic or professional career overseas in countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The test is aimed at an assessment of the reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities of candidates in English.


How it Works?

Candidates appear for the test in four different sections; reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each section is allotted 30 marks and the scores secured by candidates appearing the test is awarded scaled score for each section. Once test for all sections is completed, the scores are combined to get the overall score in the range of 0-120. 

Allocation of Marks in the Test

  • Initial score for each speaking question is in the range of 0-4.
  • Scores for each writing question is in the range of 0-5.
  • These scores are converted to secure marks in the range of 0-30 for each section separately.
  • Results are usually mailed after 15 business days of taking the test.

Score Reports for Candidates

Usually the fees paid for the test includes one examinee score report for the candidate. Up to four such reports are available for the institutions or agencies where the candidate registers. ETS sends the reports directly to the institutions or agencies concerned. Candidates can order additional score reports, if required.

Time Span for Additional Reports

Additional reports are mailed to candidates after filling out the office request form within 4 to 7 days of receipt of the same at ETS along with the payment.

Quality TOEFL training institutes guide the candidates through the process of effective preparation for the test. They also provide the candidate with valuable insights into the exam with multiple practice sessions and demo tests. Reputed institution offering TOEFL coaching in Hyderabad does not only guide the candidates in preparing to pass the test, but also empowers them with support information about how it is conducted.

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