The Reasons for Failing THE TOEFL

The TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language has garnered a lot of popularity for itself because of the opportunities it brings. For those with dreams of studying abroad at U.S. universities, there is no better platform than the TOEFL to prove their ability.

However, there are a large number of failures in each TOEFL examination. While it may be hard to pinpoint exactly why there are so many failures, there are a few reasons that stand above everything else, and contribute heavily to the failure of the examinees.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons for TOEFL failures:

  • Ill-Preparedness: Ill-preparedness is the bane of students all across the world, not just for the TOEFL, but for almost every exam that students fail to do well in. As it is an English language proficiency test, a lot of students make the mistake of taking it too lightly. These students are generally unaware of the test structure and fail to deliver when it counts most. TOEFL training institutes have garnered more and more in terms of popularity due to this reason.
  • Weak Foundation in English: The TOEFL is aimed at applicants from countries where the native language is not English. As a result, many of these applicants may be very weak in terms of the basic grammatical concepts of English, which can be a major drawback for the TOEFL. TOEFL coaching Delhi goes deep not only into the contents of the TOEFL paper, but also helps the students in improving their English, which can play a key role in rectifying basic errors.
  • Slow At Typing: People who have the ambition to appear for the TOEFL must familiarize themselves with the QWERTY keyboard if they are to complete the test in time. Being slow will do the applicant no favours.

The aforementioned points are just a few of the many mistakes that contribute to TOEFL failures. However, enrolling in a decent training institute can go a long way in making short work of these problems.

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