The Benefits of Six Sigma Certification in Bangalore

Six sigma certification helps you to troubleshoot and solve the serious issues in your organization with your systematic skill set. Sometimes you have to take responsibility by making vital decisions through statistics based on data and eliminate the deficiencies from the organization with the help of some controlled method.


There are many centres offering six sigma certification courses in Bangalore that can guide you to get this certification for a better career growth in the IT hub. Enrol into the reputed institute to get the best training.

How to obtain a Six Sigma Certification?

You can obtain the certification after passing the course training. They teach you how to implement necessary methods to remove the flaws from a product or process. There are no specific rules or methods that has been standardised when it comes to six sigma strategies, but different methods are implemented and used to make a product or system in the company efficient, thereby lowering the percentage of flaws.

4 levels of Six Sigma Certification

  • Yellow Belts–This belt is for the apprentices. This level prepares you to take up and lead an independent project as a Team Leader or Manager.
  • Green Belts – You are the most wanted in the industry being a Green Belt as you have acquired practical training and information about DMAIC method.
  • Black Belts–You are the mentor for the others with Yellow and Green belt. Your expertise will guide them to implement the correct methods of Six Sigma.
  • Champion Certificates–At this level of the certification, you are the master mentor and also the lead of any project for observing the overall process and leading others in the correct direction.

The Certification helps in maintaining the quality of work and product for a company’s reputation and sustenance, thus making their partners happy and increasing their sales in the market.

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