Brief Knowhow and Tips For Sure Success in TOEFL examination

To almost everyone, TOEFL is one of the most brain storming and difficult tests of your life! Your long cherished dream of studying in an English speaking university can be fulfilled if you follow the following strategies to win over the TOEFL marks.

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What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language – this is the full form of TOEFL. This test is taken to check the English proficiency and is conducted by an American company called ETS. The parameters that are taken into consideration in TOEFL are English reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills. If you have the capability to get through these parameters you are eligible to study in any English-speaking university.

Structure of TOEFL – Each section carries 30 marks questions and the total score is 120. There is no pass or fail strategies in TOEFL but your specific score will decide which university allows you for admission. When you will be studying for TOEFL examination, make sure you know the score structure very well and tally it with the preferred university requirement. For instance, some universities mandate to have 24 out of 30, in speaking category alone.

There are plenty TOEFL training institutes all across the nation and you need to choose the best one that helps you with an extensive resource system. Here are some tips to grab high scores in TOEFL –

  • Give enough time and concentration – TOEFL preparation along with job or anything else is not a good idea. You need minimum 6 months to 1 year hard core labour to prepare for this exam.
  • Be prompt and well versed – When you are about to give the test, nothing should come as surprise to you! Be well versed about the reading and writing questions, even the listening and speaking tasks require immense practice. You should know the exact answers and also the exact scores that are needed in each of the categories. The test is very much time bound; thus you will not get eke a second for thinking elaborately.
  • Do not depend on textbooks solely – Following textbooks is fine but it won’t help you to learn the speaking, listening and writing skills. Either take a course or work with a teacher in association to excel in the speaking and writing sections. TOEFL coaching in Hyderabad is highly recommended as most of the students have shown commendable scores from that city.

Join one of the best institutes to increase your chances of getting success in this exam.

Apart from the above points, make sure you talk to the students who have already appeared for this test and can give you the best practical tips.

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