How Important Is It To Opt For GATE Coaching?

One of the commonest questions that come to the mind of individuals who are preparing for GATE exam is – whether to opt for GATE coaching or opt for self study? Basically the answer to this question depends on the capability of the student, his power of concentration and focus on his motive. According to me joining GATE coaching in Bangalore has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the student how good he can be in handling the negative points while extracting maximum benefits from the positive ones.


Let me first throw light on the positive aspects of joining GATE coaching centers. The very first advantage is that these coaching classes are held at a fixed time and during that duration you have to compulsorily focus on the studies. The experts that conduct the coaching classes often share some valuable tips and tricks that often help you in the long run. Plus when you attend classes at a coaching centre you come in contact with a number of other students and thus you get a wonderful opportunity of sharing and exchanging notes, questions, answers, and lots of study material. Then unlike home there are no distractions like family, relatives, TV, cell phones, call bells, internet, etc which usually lead to the wastage of several hours. Thus you get the right kind of environment to focus upon your study while attending classes at a coaching centre.

As there are always two faces of coin, there are some disadvantages also that must be known by the candidates planning to join a GATE coaching centre. One of the main shortfalls is that you have to invest time in traveling to and fro from the coaching centre. Sometimes candidates get busier in socializing with the new people they meet rather than focusing on the information that is being given.

So you have to choose wisely after weighing all the pros and cons.


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